Move-in Morgantown

How to live in a college town.

Scanning the Blog

So I was trying to think of an innovative way to promote Move-in Morgantown today and a speaker at the Journalism School’s annual J-Week gave me an idea.

They are called “Quick Response” codes (also known as QR codes) and can also represent URL’s, text messages and raw text.  So I decided I would make one for our very own Move-in Morgantown.

Scan it with your phone and discover Move-in Morgantown!

I had always wondered what these funny looking codes really were capable of.  I knew that they could transfer phone numbers but didn’t understand their real capability until today.

So let’s see if we can do something with these.  Print them out and post them somewhere you think people might see them and interact with them.

The codes are limited to people with a smartphone, but who knows, maybe we can spread the usefulness of the blog to a whole new audience!


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  1. […] with a transportation section. I was most excited about trying to promote the blog with the QR Code I developed.  I plan to place these codes around campus and hopefully will generate some interest […]

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